Monday, September 21, 2009

yo yo yogaaaa !

So as I was reading Annie's blog today, I realized it has been 7 months since my last post. Wow. So much has happened since then! I feel like I should update my three lovely readers whom I love very, very much.

Almost 6 months ago, I started doing yoga teacher training (we'll call it TT, for short) with some amazing people. All ages, all sizes, all kinds of everything. My TT is the first one that is accredited by the state of Utah AND The Yoga Alliance, which means I am the real deal, peeps. Since then, my yoga practice has improved tons and I feel like I know how to relax in a way I never thought possible, unless it involved Tylenol PM. I have taught quite a few classes, including Upward Bound kids and girls that are currently in the Observation Unit in SLC. Love those girls, by the way. Love their sassyness and the dirty looks I get from them when I make class extra hard. It all pays off when I get sweaty hugs from them at the end of each practice. Ew I feel like I am this girl I know that sells Mary Kay shit and all she talks about is how Mary Kay has changed her life on her blog...sorry girls.

Boomer and Petunia are doing great, spoiled like always. Work is still crazy, I do enjoy being the only girl that works at the Tower though...and I'm finally getting the hang of it, too. People listen to my recommendations like I am some kind of Film Guru and people (as in boys and girls) flirt with me in hopes of getting free stuff. Suckers! Working at the Tower is much better than working at the Broadway, but I do like both places. The pay es no bueno, but at least I have a job...and I job I like.

Other than that, not much is going on. Let me know if anyone wants their ass kicked by me and yoga, I'll do it for free until I graduate next month. Looks like I'll be teaching stinky crust punks at the Boing! Collective and quite a few friends from I'm excited. But yeah. Awesome. Writing on here again feels kind of awkward. Weird.

ps: the pose on the top of the page, Astavakrasana, is my current fave.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

am I in ASPEN?

(that's my PERFECT dog riding in the back seat like a little gentleman!!!!)

So everybody knows I love taking my mutts hiking, right? And I ALWAYS go to Red Butte because I love how wide the trail is and I can see my big yellow dog at all times. Petunia goes on a leash, but we jog it out so she has fun as well. ANYWAY, I am SO bugged. I just barely got back from a walk with my dogs (Red Butte) and SOOO many people were freaking out about Boomer! YES, he got an allergy test done and YES, that's why he has his side shaved! JEEZ people, it's not like my dog has some kind of fucking dog disease that is going to get on your fucking purebred schnauzer! You don't fucking SHOO my dog when he wants to sniff your dog! You don't need to look at me like I am a piece of shit dog owner for taking my leper dog hiking! HE HAS HIS SIDE SHAVEN, PEOPLE! It's not like he is missing an eye ball or a LEG!
So on that note, THREE people shoo'ed poor Boomer away, 2 people gave me crusties and only ONE person, a lady with three MUTTS, was all nice about Boomer's shaved side and asked me if he was okay. Another lady goes, "WOW, your dog got into a REALLY bad fight!" It's like yeah, dog genius lady, my dog got into a HUGE fight and he got perfectly lined black polka dots on his side from it! WOAH! It was like a GEOMETRIC dog fight! And then this other guy who had this like, MATCHING outfit to take his cute dog for a walk got all annoyed that my dog got some fucking SNOW on him from running around! MY GOODNESS, PEOPLE! Keep your clean ass home if you don't want to get sweaty and SNOWY! And I mean, who wants to get SNOWY, right?! EW. I felt like I had taken my dog to like, some resort town where dogs aren't supposed to be off leash or something! I am never going to take my dogs in the afternoon again, IT SUCKED! they had fun, though. I wanted to let Petunia go off leash when people gave me crusties so she could go and bite their faces off.

ps: i am going to make my blog private, so leave your email and i'll add you.

Monday, February 9, 2009


neon colors are back (LOVE!) and marc jacobs is making me sad again. thanks a lot, marc.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

wah wah wah

i just called my parents and found out that my mom and dad, grandpa, val, lelis and edson are all eating PIZZA at my FAVORITE PIZZA PLACE to celebrate Val's recovery! oh, how i wish i was there...i want to hug them ALL so bad!

say WHAT?!

ps: this entry sounds like crap because i am writing it and talking on the phone at the same time.

living where i live isn't cheap. nothing is cheap these days, i guess. but one of the perks of living where the husb and i live is that there are ASSIGNED parking spots. i took it for granted until they started remodeling the pillars on the bottom floor and i had to park on the street for 2 months, but i am very grateful for it now. which is why it pisses me off to NO END when i come home and there is a car in my effing spot. today there were literally 10 other spots, but the beast of a man chose MINE. now, if there is a van parked there or if it is a person who is cleaning an apt or doing remodeling (i have those people's cars memorized, thank you very much), i let it slide. my spot is right by the steps, and i would hate to haul a vacuum across the parking lot to then go up the stairs. and plus, the people who clean here are SO nice. i've even attempted my spanish with a few of them, and they understood me (so shove it, all of you who think i don't know espanol). good thing smiling is a universal thing though. ANYWAY, the car that was in my spot was a jacked up Grand Cherokee. he got some minus points right off the bat for the U2 and Linkin' Park stickers (sorry, anna banana) and for the car being jacked up, so we were already off to a very bad start. as i start to doodle a note for the effer, the dude comes out talking on his cell phone. he was already annoyed when he saw that i was parked behind his car, but as he looked at me i said "HEY! that's my SPOT!" (please remember how geeky i am and how not even my meanest scowl and voice scare anyone, including my terrier). just when things couldn't get any cooler, he goes...actually, this is easier:

Flavia: HEY MOTHER EFFER, THAT'S MY EFFING SPOT! (just kidding, i didn't say it like that)

the dude: just a MINUTE, i'm on the PHONE!

Flavia: ?! (i hate a WTF look on my face)

the dude: i'm LEAVING, okay? JEEEEZ.

yeah. no apologies, no nothing. wanna hear something else that's bad? i got an awesome vest at j. crew that makes me smell like b.o. i know what you are thinking, how can that be?! well, the armpits are too high on it and there is no ventilation, so therefore i smell like b.o. now. and all during french class, i felt embarrassed because i knew people could smell me. and i got up early and showered AND washed and blow dried my hair! so i looked so fresh and so clean clean (love that song), but smelled like b.o. awesome.

Monday, February 2, 2009

change of heart

i just came back from walking my dogs. man, my dogs are so great. they know exactly what to do to cheer me up.

as petunia noticed that these two anoying white dogs were sitting at their window, she decided to provoke them. i usually don't let her, but she just looked so cute and mean that i had to. so she barks, growls, runs from side to side...all of this on her hind legs, because since the window is high up, she wanted to keep an eye on the pups while being a ho to them. so a few seconds later, when the two dogs were pissed off enough, she decided to pee on their yard. not only that, but she trots a little further and poops in their yard as well! she is so rad. i do feel i have a little petunia in me most the time.

a little while later, boomer finds a spot to poop. he is extremely choosy about where he poops, he usually trots from side to side for about 30 seconds until he finds the perfect spot. after he is done, he usually kicks the grass behind him. now lacy help me out: is that to SPREAD the scent or CAMOUFLAGE it? i am hoping you know the answer. it could be both for all i know. anyway, i like it when there is snow on the ground because boomer kicks the snow and it looks way cute. so today, as he goes to kick the snow, petunia stands right behind him and gets a bunch of snow thrown at her face! she sneezes and gets super pissed and flies at boomer's neck. they full on started wrestling in the middle of a building's yard! it was soooo cute! a car even slowed down! i'm sure the person thought i was an idiot for laughing while my dogs looked like they were killing each other, but petunia is the only one that bites boomer, boomer just sits there and makes funny sounds.

i feel a lot better and don't hate stuff as much. and you know what? fuck my test tomorrow, it's just french!

top things i hate

*disclaimer: i have a feeling this post will have a lot of swear words in it. sorry. well actually, i'm not sorry.

i'm sure you can tell i'm having a radical day. let's get this party started:

-shitty food. i know, no one really likes shitty food, right? wrong. americans love shitty food. and shitty coffee, too. if it's trendy, people buy it. starbucks, for example. yuck.

-tests. i have a french test tomorrow. i hate tests.

-stupid neighbors. there is this guy that lives under us that thinks he is awesome. he would be awesome, if it was like, 1995. he is probably my age, but he clearly is not keeping up with the times. yesterday i saw him getting out of his car and he did the look-at-someone-over-the-top-of-their-sunglasses thing, and i had to bite my tongue to not laugh. his mom probably told him his 1991 lexus is bad ass, and he believed her.

-people that think they are awesome, but NEWSFLASH! they are not. this one is a constant in my life. these kind of people follow me wherever i go. they are every where. i am sick of it and one day i will seriously lose it. (miss you, tara!)

-sluts. i counted 6 sluts today on my way to class. weren't UGG boots and skirts cool in like, high school? yeah. my point exactly.

i have to study, i'll continue working on this gem a little later.